Testimonials and feedback

“The Woodland experiences that you gave people were unlike anything they will have experienced, and stayed with service users a long time. I think it was one of the best experiences the service users at Shirelink had.”

“Last week we made a fire and marshmallows. We did painting things with wood. I very enjoyed myself, it’s something different than staying in the centre.”

“It makes you re-assess what you think someone might try… when it started to rain, when it got colder I was starting to think, this isn’t going to work, but people were fine with it. I like that about people, that they’ll do more than you think.”

“We go at a pace that suits the group, everyone was included.”

“It certainly benefited the group – I noticed calmness, and contentment within the group who were really interested in what was going on. They really benefit from this sort of experience as they generally don’t ever experience anything like this outdoors.”

“I made marshmallows. I learnt how to light the fire. We made trails, cutting, I made popcorn, I helped put up the tent in the wood and I would love to go again in the near future.”

“Into the Woods really helped staff as well to think creatively about how to work with the materials our woodlands have to offer. This experience and knowledge will be continued in inspiring staff with all the new ideas that were learned, e.g. lantern making, garlands, wreaths.”

“The people we support struggle with most tasks… both have remained alert and interactive through out the sessions which speaks highly to me about how much they have got out of this experience.”


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