Woods & wellbeing

Our woodland sessions aim to deliver positive physical and mental health benefits as well as helping people to broaden their horizons and develop new skills.

The 5 steps to wellbeing

Our sessions aim to improve people’s quality of life through the 5 steps to wellbeing (used by the NHS):


  • Connect: to others through shared experience and to nature
  • Be active: through walking, physical woodland management work and bush craft skills
  • Keep learning: about wildlife, tool use and through creative expression
  • Give to others: through conservation work and wildlife surveys
  • Take notice: through sensory activities and meditation.

Using the bow sawAchieving new things

We encourage the people to try new things, trust each other, step out of their comfort zone and feel a sense of achievement. Some people have worked towards their John Muir Trust Award, a nationally recognised environmental award.

Support workers and carers

Into the Woods sessions are just as valuable for support workers and carers. They participate in sessions on an equal footing with the people that they support. This helps carers to see new potential in the people they support and re-assess what they are able to do.

Woodland sessions with adults with complex needsPeople with complex needs

Exploring the woods using their senses can be particularly rewarding for those with complex needs. We have worked with people who have very limited mobility and communication and found that woodlands provide a rich and stimulating environment for them.

Read about our research into woodland and wellbeing in collaboration with Silvanus Trust and Plymouth University.

Find out more about the Dose of Nature research project in collaboration with University of Exeter.


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