Woodland sessions for adoptive families

We ran some woodland sessions for adoptive families in 2016, facilitating a number of one-off sessions for pre-school children and parents in Stoke Park, Bristol.

Growing family bonds

Our woodland sessions are specifically aimed at helping to grow family bonds. We hope they will inspire you and your child to connect with and care for each other while having fun together in a relaxed, safe, environment.

We use ideas from Theraplay and mindfulness to encourage relaxation, confidence and human connection.

How a woodland experience could help you bond with your child:

  • Woods are a great space to explore and be creative together
  • There’s plenty of room outside so it can help you to feel relaxed if your child is very active or noisy
  • The woods provide different spaces, so you can also get away from the group for some quiet time
  • Being in wild places can encourage people to help each other and work together.

If you are interested in coming along to one our sessions please get in touch at: intothewoodsworkshops@gmail.com







What a morning in the woods with us might be like:

  • Wearing wellies, waterproofs and plenty of layers we’ll meet in a car park before heading to the woods
  • As we find our way we’ll explore the woods using our senses
  • When we reach our camp, we could sing a song together and get to know where we are
  • We’ll agree how far we can go and how to look after one another
  • There will be a chance to sit down together and have a warm drink and a snack
  • We might do an activity that helps us notice each other and our environment, or games or tasks to help us nurture each another
  • We could build a den and make a home, sing a song, balance on logs or listen to the birds
  • There will always be opportunities for free play.

Most importantly you and your child can chose what you join in with. It should be fun, safe and relaxing. Often spending time outdoors with each other helps us to remember our own childhoods and what we enjoyed doing best!

Who will lead the sessions:

Alison Cockroft: Alison is an adoptive mother of two children and as such has an ongoing interest in how adopted families can be supported. She’s an artist experienced in facilitating creative projects including an early years creativity project and a major project looking at outdoor learning and play with infant school pupils.

Rachel Tomlinson: A qualified Forest School leader, Rachel often works with people with learning disabilities including those with complex needs. Her woodland sessions aim to encourage mental wellbeing through a connection with nature and each other.

Alice Goodenough: Alice works as a researcher and educator focused on understanding and growing peoples’ connection with the natural world.  As a Waldorf Parent & Child group leader she has engaged families with nature through songs, craft, stories and creative exploration of local places.  Her research examines how spending time in outdoor activity can benefit well-being and social/emotional bonds.


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